The project seeks to investigate the potential for agency in relation to new television through practice that invites dialogue between user/ participants in relation to the application of contemporary television possibilities and its relationship to early television. The research is intended to develop new knowledge in the area of participatory arts practice applied to new television and in the relationship between the speculative use of early and contemporary television. It will do this through a combination of theoretical papers, participatory arts practice and, importantly, user discussion and feedback through a chat system contained in an online television interface.

Openness and Honesty:

There will be no circumstances where the research will be anything but open and honest. The research is not prejudging responses and does not seek to prove or confirm any theoretical position. Indeed, it is the openness and honesty of the respondents that drive the research.

Protection From Harm:

There are no anticipated circumstances where participants might be exposed to physical or psychological harm. There is nothing sensitive in the kind of information requested as no information is indeed requested. Therefore, the only possibility of potential problem is in the exchanges between participants in the chat log and in viewing each others webcams. Participants are reminded of the legal position regarding slander, defamation of character etc. and where this is identified, researchers will remove the content from the research.

Right to Withdraw:

Participants are hereby informed that they have a right to withdraw from the research project. There will be a 'period of consideration' of 2 weeks from the recording of material where the participants will be able to ask for specific parts of their input to be edited or deleted using the chat log.

Interviewees and participants who provide data that is on video and where they have granted consent of use by entering will be offered the same 2 week 'period of consideration' deadline whereafter they can request to remain anonymous in any future publications, conference papers, etc.


There will be no confidential information sought from the participants, only the submission of a username. All data used in the research project's dissemination will be anonymised.

Further brief considerations: